Behavior when creating a new project from template vs default (folder naming)

Hello to everyone. I am new to the forum but using kicad sice a few year.
I work in windows.
I have a question. When I create a new project I can selected an existing directory and write a new project name. If the existing folder is not empty I am answer if I want to create a new folder, with the same name of project. This is fine
But if I create a new project from a template I can only select an existing folder, then the project will have the name of the folder.
Is there a reason for different behavior?
Why not just create a new folder in every situation?
And if the folder exist every file in it is overwrite without any warning message!

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I don’t think there is a good reason for the from template dialog not to ask if it should create the folder for you.
I would say this might be an oversight by the developers.

Something similar has just been reported over at the bugtracker:

I suspect it was the OP. The confusing thing I find about the template dialog is that it ask for a folder first, before you’ve selected a template. I find that backwards. If I just want to browse what templates are there, I have to create a folder…

I also wonder why two of the template location appear to be identical (i.e user and portable are the same), I guess there is a reason.


Thank you for answer.