Beginner question: 3D Viewer doubt

Hi guys,

New to the forum and first post as well.

Can you please help me clarify my doubts. In the images attached I zoomed in to the power side of the circuit on all 3 views. Schematic view, PCBNEW view and the 3D viewer as well. (EDIT: I can only upload 1 image as I am a new user.)

Looking at the 3D view of the image, u can see the ground connection of the power pins it looks like a cross covering each of the drill holes which seems like it would interfere with putting the connector through the holes.

Can anyone clarify if I have this made in a fab house, the holes of the 6 ground pins will actually be covered as shown in the 3D viewer? or the holes represent something else entirely?

Not sure if it helps, but I have a ground copper pour on the bottom side of the pcb.

Thanks for the help.

In the 3d viewer: preferences->render options->view holes in zones (disabled by default to save computation time)

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Nice, thanks. Now the 3D view makes sense.

No, they cannot make copper bridges in holes.

Mind that 3D Viewer should be used as a guide on all cases and not a verification tool. The only thing that assures what the manufacturer will do are the Gerber files. For that you should use the Gerber Viewer and inspect the generated gerbers.


Thanks for the clarification.:thumbsup: