BC337-16 Component


Quick question: Does Kicad have the BC337-16 transistor (http://pdf1.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/view/2886/MOTOROLA/BC337-16.html) in its component libraries? Trying to find it here, but its not showing up in the list. Not sure if I need to update my Kicad installation or not.

I’m using version 4.02+e4-6225~38~ubuntu16.04.1-stable

NPN transistor symbol + TO-92 footprint?
Just make sure pin alignment between symbol and footprint is given.

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Thanks, will try it. Apologies for the daft newbie question.

Don’t worry, we all start as noob somewhere, some-when :wink:

I don’t have the KiCAD github libs, so it might be possible that the transistor lib does contain a BC337, but I wouldn’t know.

The BC337 is arranged pins 1,2,3 = CBE, so you want symbol Device - Q_NPN_CBE

Then set Value = BC337-16

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Thanks everyone, managed to make the component and add it to the project library with everyone’s help and a quick review of the Getting to Blinky tutorial vids. :smile:

That’s an important point - there are two main pinouts for TO-92 transistors. E.g., the BC327/337, BC54x/55x et al use CBE; the 2N390x and 2N440x et al use EBC. I think each of the 6 possible pin arrangements shows up on some obscure device or other. The moral is, always check - and double check - the data sheet when assigning footprints.


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Some RF parts like the MPSH81 go BEC, to minimise the emitter lead length for maximum RF gain.
Be very careful and always check which end is pin 1. There is a convention, but many older parts are reversed