Battery holder in which coin cell can be inserted vertically

I need a footprint of a batter holder in which I can insert a coin cell battery vertically. That is the cell shouldn’t just lay on the board but it has to stand up perpendicular to the PCB board. If there is no footprint available, can you tell me how to import a fusion file (because I’ve made such a holder in fusion 360) into KiCad. I cannot see add 3D model option anywhere in KiCad.

3d models and footprints are different.

To place a component on the board you need to make a KiCad footprint - with any holes, pads silk screen etc. If your 3d model is dimensionally accurate, then you may be able to import a dxf file into KiCad to help design your footprint but the preferred workflow is to design the footprint from a dimensioned drawing.

Once you have designed your footprint you can then align the 3d model to it.

Have a look at the FAQs

Is there a way to work the opposite way–first make a 3D model using freecad or some other free software, and then use freecad or another free program to determine the intersection of the 3D model with a specified plane, outputting the 2D coordinates of the footprint in that specified plane ?

I am sure that @maui would be the person to ask. His 'StepUp tools for FreeCad are very capable. I would imagine that you can project the intersection to a 2d plane and export that via DXF. However, for a simple battery holder I would think that learning how to make a footprint might be a generally more useful and quicker workflow.

You should be able to using @maui’s StepUp workbench plugin for FreeCAD. I thought I remembered he had posted a video for this specific workflow, so I just checked his YouTube page and found this video:

Ok, not exactly this workflow, but similar. In the video he shows downloading a STEP file from a manufacturer’s website and then using that to create a KiCAD footprint within FreeCAD.

NOTE: In this example the manufacturer has included pads (SMT and THT) in the STEP model, not all manufacturers do this.

You need to export your 3D fusion model to STEP format… then you will be able to load it in KiCAD

I converted it into .stp format. However I cannot open it. If you don’t mind, can you tell me the exact steps to open that in KiCad?

Step is a 3D model. KiCad is a 2D design program (like all electronic CAD systems). Which means KiCad really does not use any 3d files for its main purpose.

A component in KiCad is represented by a symbol for the schematic and a footprint for the layout. Which means you will need to create these two assets to be able to use your component.

KiCad supports the creation of a 3d model from your board (It is to be seen as an export option. One really does not work in 3d while designing a PCB) For this to work a footprint can be assigned a 3d model (The footprint is required, the 3d model is optional). See tutorial already linked in the first answer (the same that is also linked in the second answer).

Note: Yes some workflows can rely more heavily on 3d models but in ECAD you really first need to understand everything else before diving into this additional stuff.

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