Batch add labels etc

Can and how can I batch add labels, pins, hierarchical labels?

d{0…64}, addr{0…32}

doing this buy hand is not so civilized. I use to directly inject to sch files, which is quite dirty.

maybe not directly what you want, but you could try the “Repeat Items”-function:

  • add a first label with the name “lablel_01” or “addr{1}” or whatever. Only requirement: a number at the end
  • hit the repeat-hotkey (normally: “Insert”/“Einf”-key) many times.
  • on every “Repeat”-keypress a new label is inserted, with upcounted numbering. Should also work with pins in the symbol-editor
  • the horizontal/vertical pitch for the added items can be changed in Preferences–> Schematic-Editor–>Editing-Options–>Repeating Items

exactly, also found this on youtube :smiley:

I don’t know how to search at youtube the answer for such specific question. And how (learning from youtube) be sure that you didn’t missed any feature.
Before installing KiCad for the first time I read its “Getting Started” manual (and all other manuals) and remembered from there:

“In many places in KiCad, pressing Insert will repeat the last action. The location of the new item will be shifted and the numbering incremented automatically, as applicable. In the Symbol Editor, this can be used to place a large number of pins quickly. In the Schematic Editor, it can be used to repeatedly place a component, or to label a large component’s pins with numbered labels. Insert can be useful in the Footprint and Board Editors as well.”

Reading your post I understood that it is what you call “doing this buy hand is not so civilized.” and you are looking for more batch way :slight_smile:

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This feature is so important, it should be in the FAQ page.

I read KiCad forum since 2017. I remember may be only one time speaking about Insert key. And if I remember well it was not about if it exists but about how to modify offsets.
I think it is not Frequently Asked Question.


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