Backup file naming convention driving me crazy


Hello to all the KiCad users,

i just want to talk about a thing which is bothering me all the time i look at my KiCad project folders. The “.kicad_pcb" file has a backup file which is right below it with the extension ".kicad_pcb-bak”, which i like and its obvious which file it belongs to. But the backup file for the schematic “.sch" is just called ".bak” which is driving me nuts because its not clear to me at first sight to which file this backup belongs. Why don’t they just name it “*.sch-bak”? Any comments or opinions on this?

I don’t want to criticize the developers i just want to know and maybe improve one thing or to. You developers are doing great work :+1:.

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Historical baggage. KiCad is only gradually becoming a single application.
Changing extensions would break old projects


Maybe it could be changed in 6.0 because it will break compatibility with the current schematics anyways. The new version should and could of course understand the old files. If only someone cared enough to file a bug report… Someone who is bothered about it all the time :slight_smile:


i understood the hint :wink:. I will file a bug for this on the weekend.


i wrote a bug report over here:


If if helps, here’s my .gitignore for KiCad projects:



Don’t ignore cache and rescue. Some projects work without them, some don’t.


Not some. No project will work properly without the cache lib. (It is the only place within the project that stores how the used symbols look like. Without it you are screwed if anything in the symbol libs changes.)


I interpret this to mean that some projects work without it :slight_smile:


That would depend entirely on your definition of “work”. :wink:


The definition of the developers is that if the cache lib is missing, your project is invalid and you are on your own if anything breaks.


Yes. Actually, I work, projects don’t. :slight_smile:


A lot of the projects I find / see elsewhere do not load properly because of missing symbols, and a missing -cache lib is the main culprit of that I believe.


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