Backside of board

I am adding components to my board and I am now soldering on the backside. I saw an older point about problems with this issue but is there presently a way to view the backside of the board not using the 3D method. I want to see the backide of the PCB with pin numbers.

I think View->Flip Board View will get you what you want.

Not available in kicad stable. @coolp_jim i assume you use a nightly build version. (This would mean it might be included in kicad v5)

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I ended up turning off the top side view and being careful. So far no desoldering. Thank you very much.

I want to say that this software does a LOT. My first PCB software was very primitive comparatively.
Using the old software to check for clearances, I would make the runs wider until the number of counted nets changed. I am very thankful for computer evolution.

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