Backlog of Linux Nightlies?

Hi there,

I’m on Linux using the Nightly PPA. Today I had some issues (which turned out to be related to an update of the graphics driver and got resolved with a simple reboot Gdk-ERROR **: 17:19:14.612: The program 'kicad' received an X Window System error.)
However, that’s not my question. I was wondering if when I encounter an unstable nightly version, if there is an option for Linux users to go back to an earlier build.
Windows users can just browse this directory of Windows nightly builds and download a previous version to see if it has the same issue.
How to do a similar thing as a Linux Nightly PPA user?

This is not (much) related to KiCad, but more to the package management on your PC. If you’re using PPA’s, then it’s probably Ubuntu based, and you also have apt and dpkg.

Sometimes multiple versions of a package are available through package management, but I do not think that many of these are maintained for KiCad.
A normal install or update just installs the latest available version, but you can use lower level commands (such as dpkg) to download packages without installing them, or make backups of cached / installed packages. Linux also logs some data when installing or updating packages, which helps with diagnosing problems with package management. I know it’s possible, but I’ve never bothered to dive deep into this. If you want to know more, then I recommend to dive deeper into how this package management works.

I am not an ubuntu user, but maybe apt on ubuntu caches the deb somewhere you can use dpkg to install an earlier version?

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