Back side fab drawing: "Flip board view" & "print --> mirrored" overlap title block

Hi folks,

I’m having trouble getting a nicely formatted back side fab drawing. Options like “print → mirrored” seem to flip the board over symmetrically, relative to an imaginary vertical line in the center of the page. So if your board sits to the left of center (as mine does), a flip/mirror puts it on the right side of the page. This is a problem because then the board overlaps the title block.

I could shift my board so that it’s perfectly centered on the page, but then I wouldn’t have room for fab notes. Right now the board itself & the stackup drawing are on the left side of the page & the fab notes are on the right side.

How do you work around this problem?

Also, in general, how do you produce your fab/assembly drawings - do you create them on a fab layer in Kicad? Do you use a totally separate tool?



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