"B.Fab" bug?


I have following layout:
when I toggle the “B.Fab” layer the margin marker (read arrow) disappears.

Is this the correct behavior?

I loaded a large KiCAD 7 project, so I am unsure if the project has been converted correctly or something is broken.


This is displayed when “B.Fab” is disabled:

In KiCAD 7 it working fine.

It’s been discussed before . . . I think

Not convinced if it’s a bug or just desired behaviour that I don’t understand the logic behind.

It seems to be a bug.

I copied the original project again and before I opened the schematics I went to the layout first. The problem was not there now. Then I saved the converted layout, went to the schematics, saved again, and again back to the layout. Still the problem was not there.

But another one problem appeared. All self-defined footprints for mounting holes were completely filled with the “silk layer”. So opened the footprint, switched from “Durchgehende Bohrung” to something else and back to “Durchgehende Bohrung” and the footprint was displayed fine again.

Maybe the importer chokes every now and then.