Avoiding track sharp intersections and corners

I’m new to KiCAD (just a few days), but really enjoying it. I’ve completed a schematic and have been experimenting with PCB layout; I’ve got all the components laid out (finally) in a way that pleases me, and now I’m working on tracks.

Sometimes KiCAD makes odd choices when connecting tracks to pads.

In the attached image, all the components were laid out on a 25mill grid, and traces are being laid out on a 5mill grid (and are 5mill traces with 10mlll clearance).

  • Why are the two traces entering the GND pad not forming a ‘T’ intersection?

  • I understand why the 10mill clearance is causing the little ‘jog’ in the trace entering the BUS1 pad, but I’d rather the trace continue further to the left and enter the pad directly from the top, instead of on a 45 degree angle. Is it possible to do this?

I suppose you use v. 5.0 and the modern, accelerated (OpenGL) canvas and toolset. If not, select it in Preferences.

The interactive router has its own opinions about how things should be done. Often I don’t like it but I have to learn to conform to it or to fix things afterwards.

The non-T intersection is like that because you draw it in certain, way, it’s impossible to know how.

Both problems should be easy to fix. Start the routing tool, go over a segment of a track with the mouse cursor and press D. Move the mouse to see what happens. For example the non-T will probably be fixed by dragging both 45-degr segments towards the vertical segment. Check also Route -> Interactive Router Settings and get familiar with the options. “Optimize pad connections” and “Smooth dragged segments” may be relevant.


Thanks! Yes, I am using 5.0.2 (on Fedora Linux) and the ‘Modern Toolset (Accelerated)’ routing mode.

I’ll give those tips a try.

Yep, using ‘D’ allows me to fine-tune the tracks as I want them.

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