Avoid Locked footprint selection

On V5 is possible to hide or not select the locked footprints?
I know in V6 there is a filter that allows that, is there something similar on V5?

So when I click on a footprint if will not request a selection clarification?

If you select a locked footprint and try to move it, pcbnew asks you if you are sure.

If you select a block and move it with “move exactly”, the locked footprint stays unmoved.

I do not know if this was your issue.

The issue is when you are going to select other footprint, but the locked footprint is over all area (eg it covers all the edge cuts shape). So if the that locket footprint is on “background” when I select any other footprint it will ask for clarify the selection.
V6 has a new feature to ignore locked footprints but is something similar possible on V5?

As far as I know, not.

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