Autorouter icon disappeared in KiCad 5 rc3


I had to reinstall my notebook. And in the process I switched from KiCad 5 rc2 to rc3 (on Ubuntu 18.04).

Now I have noticed that the yellow Autorouter icon (for export and start of freeroute.jar) has disappeared.

Is this wanted, or an error in this version?

And above all, there is a way to get the symbol or function back.


Main menu bar (top) “File”

If the Push/Shove router gets any better, I can’t imagine that FreeRouting will get it’s menu icon back.


Push and shove will never be an autorouter. Both have their uses. Experienced designer don’t like autorouters.
What is really needed is for a competent programmer to port freerouting to another language. Java is getting some problems thanks to Oracle. This programmer had better live somewhere away from the Zuken lawyers.


I was not ready tonight to write a wall of text or start the first paragraph of a book; so pardon my earlier “sum up”.
It appears if KiCad developers are looking to include “pin-swap” from PcbNew as well as maybe doing a “drag” of existing board traces in future versions. I speculate that KiCad will still call it the “Push/Shove Router” even with these extra features in the future versions.

When I first downloaded a V3 of KiCad I used the FreeRouter at the time for several attempts to route traces on a simple board. Even then it was obvious that, me (as a human), could do a better at the trace layout. Maybe because I’ve always like mazes and puzzles as a kid?