Autorouter does not honour board edge and keepout

the internal autorouter looks good. but it routed outside my board outline.So i put a keepout, but it still routed outside that! My board is L shapes and it routed within the corner.

any ideas

Also, you have to draw the outline and cannot enter meaningful coodinate for the lines maually because they seem to be referenced to the drawing origin.Perhaps i had not closed the board outline?



for simple L-shape why not use [Space (*)] + drawing the outline you need anywhere on the sheet you want?

*) resets the extra set of coordinates to (0,0) on the bottom of the screen… they’re to the right of the absolute ones

but I would likw to define the outline by using coordinates, or at least be able to edit the drawing specifying board coordinates please


Hm… have you had a chance to look at the worksheet-layout-editor?
I don’t know if it’s possible, but maybe you can set up a layout where the origin is where you want it for your boards?
I mean, it won’t work like a User-Coordinate-System, where you can set the origin on the fly, whenever you want… but maybe it can work for you as long as you’re happy to get the origin inside that layout backdrop and don’t care about printability (plotability shouldn’t be affected)?