Automating Footprint Properties

I would like to automate a number of footprint properties during layout.

  • I want the $(REFERENCE) to not be shown.
  • I want the value to be displayed on the F. Silkscreen, at 0.5mm x 0.5mm

Is there a simple way to achieve this? Or at least to copy the properties from object to object in one step, rather than doing it over and over?

You can write a script to do so.

for v6.0.x board editor: use the “Edit Text & graphics properties” tool:

  • complete the layout
  • select the footprints for which you want to change the reference/value-strings (or CTRL-A for all)
  • Edit–>Edit text and Graphic Properties
  • select “Scope” (top left): only Reference designators
  • set checkbox “Visible” (middle of dialogbox) to unchecked , click OK → first task fulfilled
  • Edit–>Edit text and Graphic Properties
  • select “Scope” (top left): only Values
  • set layer-pulldown-menu to F.Silkscreen, click OK → 2. task fulfilled
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Yet another way is to manage your own libraries. You can copy an existing footprint from either another library or a project to your own library, and then modify the footprint to look as you like it (and save it of course). You do this once for each footprint, and then you can use that footprint as many times as you like in other projects.

But what is this $(REFERENCE) you are mentioning:

If I add some unconnected footprint directly to a PCB in a project (With PCB Editor / Place / Add Footprint [O], then it shows up as REF**

Paulvdh - The reference designator shows up in a duplicate copy "$(REFERENCE) which lives on the FAB layer. Of course, it does not affect the Gerber or the PCB, but I prefer to just not have it getting in the way.

You win the cigar … sorry, it’s only virtual :slight_smile:

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