Automatic video creation with KiCad Eeschema and the Circuit Navigation System

I have written a Program that can open .sch-Files (e.g. from KiCad Eeschema) and simulate them. So far so good, you have seen a such simulator some times. But you may not yet have seen a program that automatically creates the simulation results as an video.
That automatically created video makes it a lot easier to analyze circuits, than reading line graphs. I have uploaded an instruction how to create such an analysis video on youtube.

I would be happy about some remarks, either here or on that youtube-link.

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Interesting, manly as education propose.

Which language did you use to write it? Is it available in you Git?

I just missing a better distinction about the voltage/current and the wires, maybe use the last one as bold.

Hello Hildogjr,

education purpose? Yes, definitely. But also outside of education, it is a good tool for own tech projects.
For example, it makes it easier to find errors in the schematic, because you can often see where the error is. At least for me it helps a lot, because when I create schematic circuit in EEschema, I often make some quick and stupid mistakes. Like turning a diode in wrong direction. At simulation, I directly see: “Oh, the voltage is dropping at that diode. Dammit I have turned it the wrong direction again”. And then I don’t have to search the meaning of lines that are looking differently than expected. But as said, that’s just an example.

It is written in Java. It’s not in git, but I have a website for it. You can download it from `

Do you mean, the wires should be more bold?
If yes, then thank you - that’s a good idea . I will make the line thickness editable.
If no, then I did not understand your last sentence.