Automatic serial number on gerber


Is it possible to add mark with serial number on gerber file so that it automatically increment the number during panalization by manufacturer?
I need each part to have individual serial number without repeat.

That would be totally dependent on the software used by the PCB maker. So far as I know, this is not part of the Gerber structure.

I have seen PCBs being labelled by a laser

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Even with a panel, many boards are made with the same panel, so the same set of numbers would be repeated. Any serialization needs to be specified to your board manufacturer outside of KiCad, there is nothing in the Gerber spec.

We use sticky labels with a barcode, which are applied when we do a circuit test. It is easy to abuse this system, and tracking only starts after we have assembled and tested a board, so it would be nice to have a unique number on every board (and every component if that were possible!).

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Can you explain more?
I think Eurocircuits can put a RFID tag into the boards for individual tracking… but I have no clue about costs.