Automatic Pogo Pin Test Board Generation from a KiCad Project

I’ve been updating the ‘openfixture’ project.

I added KiCad Test PCB project generation from the original file, by adapting a script from the pogopin project. Rather than using a SVG generated from the KiCad PCB, the schematic is generated using the information from the original kicad_pcb file.

I’ve also created an openscad script to generate pogopin models.

This work is currently located in the ‘updates’ branch of a fork of ‘openfixture’.


My main goal was to generate a Test PCB project from the soruce project as I have quite a few Test PAD locations. That goal is currently achieved.

I am not sure that the original author(s) is(are) still active - I’ll try to keep my fork up-to-date.


I bought some R50-2W7 sockets with wires and P50-* type pins.
These are pretty small - the non-moving part of the pins enter the sockets entirely when pushed - I updated the respective 3D models to reflect that.

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