Automatic placement of footprints in ver. 5.0.1_3

I’am from Italy, and the first time in this forum. Sorry for my english, it’s no perfect.
I have a question about the arguments in object:
why the icon “footprint mode” mode_module is no present any more in this version?
This option is not available any more?
Thanks for any reply.

That option is no longer really required. When updating the pcb from schematic (or on netlist import) the footprints are already placed spread out. (arranged by hierarchical sheet)

I think a way to manually trigger the spread feature will come back with version 5.1

Hi Rene,
Thank you very much for fast reply.
What do you mean for “arranged by hierarchical sheet”?
Maybe is based on placement in the schematic?

If you have your schematic in multiple sheets then the footprints will be placed such that footprints for parts within each sheet are near to each other.
But they are not arranged similar to how they are on the sheets them selves.

Ah, ok!!
The option “footprint mode” for automatic placement was very intersting. I used that for a first placement, later I proceded to manually for definitive project.
I really hope that function will be restoered in the next version!!

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