Automatic measurement tool

Hy all,
somebody can help me? i am searching a tool, that can measure and show all line start and end point, the holes center point from the pcb edge or a zero coordinate at same’s very important me for documentation.somedy can help to write me a script or have a similar tool?thanks.

Do you want something similar to:

Pcbnew / Place / Dimension

You can add as many dimensions as you like and it looks like:

KiCommand might be able to do some of what you want. For example, I drew a random track and then execute:

  • tracks ends print
    [(wxPoint(2725420, 3317240), wxPoint(3324860, 3317240)),
    (wxPoint(3324860, 3317240), wxPoint(2494280, 4147820)),
    (wxPoint(2494280, 4147820), wxPoint(2494280, 4762500)),
    (wxPoint(2494280, 4762500), wxPoint(4424680, 6692900)),
    (wxPoint(4424680, 6692900), wxPoint(5389880, 6692900)),
    (wxPoint(5389880, 6692900), wxPoint(8079740, 4003040))]

I’m not sure if the following commands print the center values of the drill locations, but it’s a start for you.

  • tracks VIA filtertype GetCenter call print - print the center of all vias.
  • pads copy GetDrillShape call filter GetCenter call print - for pads with non-zero DrillShape value, print the center point of the pad.

These print the values in native units (nanometers), but you can also manipulate the results to output mm.

KiCommand uses Python under the hood, so if KiCommand can’t quite do what you need, then Python should be able to.

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