Automatic Logouts

I’ve been having trouble recently with the forum logging me off abruptly, and quickly - I’d say within about five minutes of logging on. In fact, it just happened while trying to write this post.

I don’t see any settings to control the login timeout. Is this a problem with the forum software, or do I have something set wrong in my account?


What is your browser? What version? Do you have any invasive add blockers running? Any privacy enhancement addon? Do you allow cookies? What login type do you use (Which single sign in service or do you have an account on this site?)

Sorry, I didn’t provide enough details.

Browser is Safari 12.1.1 on Mac OS X Mojave 10.14.5.
I don’t have any ad blockers running, and I don’t think I’m running any privacy enhancement addons, although something like that could be going on by default in Safari.
I do not have cookies blocked.
I log onto the KiCad forum using an account I made on this site using my email address.

I am replying right now on the same computer but using Opera. I’ll leave it running after pressing SEND, and see if it also logs me out.

Well, the problem is clearly on my end. I guess it must be related to Safari. Here on Opera there’s no problem.

There must be some problems with cookies, I guess. Or just basic settings, you could check there.

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