Automatic Interactive HTML BOM for all projects on

Hey everyone,

We’ve just merged a feature into that means every KiCad project now automatically gets an assembly guide through @qu1ck’s fantastic Interactive HTML BOM. Kitspace users don’t have to do any setup or additional steps, they just get the IBOM page if they use KiCad and put their project on Kitspace.

Check out the Radiona ULX3S FPGA board, Jan Henrik’s USB-C PD TS-100 soldering iron replacement PCB, @whitequark’s Glasgow hacker multi-tool or Matt Venn’s Teensy Audio FX as examples.


Thanks to @ian-ross for implementing this and @qu1ck for being our guide to adapting IBOM for this integration.

In case you don’t know, Kitspace is a place to share electronics projects. We develop open source web tools to make it as easy as possible to actually replicate open source hardware electronics designs. This new IBOM integration brings us closer to that goal, for KiCad projects at least.

If you have any of your own open hardware to share, please do add it to our registry (how-to). The best place to get in touch is through opening issues on Github or click the “make contact” button on Kitspace for other options. Of course we can just chat about and discuss Kitspace or this new IBOM integration below as well.


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