Autogenerated kicad libraries for jlcpcb assembly updated for 6.x

Original post is at Autogenerated kicad libraries for jlcpcb assembly

These libraries are autogenerated from the database published by jlcpcb. They make it easy to build cheap boards for assembly by offering all the jellybean basic components with metadata to make sure they are automatically quoted correctly.

I’ve just updated the scripts to match the current state of the database at jlcpcb and to support kicad 6 using the kicad_sym python module from KiCad / KiCad Libraries / KiCad Library utilities

Seems to work well. You can grab the libraries from and try them or run the scripts in the same repo to explore the idea.

I made lots of improvements like including the manufacturer and manufacturer part number in the properties. I also included the voltage and type in the capacitor values.

I dropped the leds since JLC’s database is too messy and there aren’t enough of them to make cleaning it up worthwhile.


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