Auto-routing and dynamic pins

Is there anyway to dynamicaly assign pins during routing, with modern MCUs almost all the pins are dynamic, in their function is software assigned, so it makes sense to route the layout efficiently and then map the software to that.

for example (taken from my own experience) if i have a cnc controller with 3 stepper drivers and i need to connect up 3 pins per driver to the MCU, i don really care which pins they are, i want to be able to constrain the route to be one of a list of pins, and have it only use one of those.

i just want to say U3.STEPPIN(1) => M4.ANYFREE(2,3,5,7,8-12) and have the router decide which pin is ultimately chosen base on minimizing the board complexity. I then want to export an assignment map so i can configure my firmware.

As the number of traces and GPIOs on MCUs soars, and with FPGAs being more common, more and more chips are exhibiting software defined connections and optimizing the choice of pins against layouts can have many benefits.

Any ideas on how this can achieved?.

This would appear to be work in progess, and most likely available with the next major release 6.

The pin swap option is doable in 5.1 via Swap pins action plugin.


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