Auto router question


Okay, I am trying to create the tracks for the PCB now and having some troubles. Is there a free autorouter software that will do the routing? The one on kicad doesn’t seem to do it well. Is there auto placer for the components as well ?

I am trying to create a cape for the beaglebone.

Or is it better to do the whole tracks by hand?



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The third party tool Freerouter aka Freerouting
Search on this forum and you will find several threads about its use.
You have to export a .dsn file to it


You still need to place your components with some thought, an autorouter is not capable of making amends for a poor layout. Laying out a board is an iterative process - place some components, arranged logically, rotate, move and rearrange to minimise crossing tracks on your rats nest. Rinse and repeat. Think a bit about where your connectors/switches etc sit. Depending on your board, there may be other issues - capacitance/thermal issues/RF all of which may need to be thought about. Just plonking a pile of components on a board and expecting an autorouter to sort out the mess and join them all up with correct sized/length/capacitance tracks is doomed. For a very simple design, it might come up with a solution or an autorouter might help you with parts of a very complex layout. You will probably learn far more about the process of laying out a board by not using an autorouter.