Auto pan display during trace routing

How do I turn on display autopan, or automatic recentering etc during routing ?

IE I am placing a trace in a jungle, zoomed right in. I head left with the trace and get to the edge of the display and it stops. Is there any functionality where the display will auto pan so I can keep going off the left and the next chunk of screen (or a whole new screen rather than a small pan) occurs ?
I know you can click the arrow keys on the keyboard

Preferences > Mouse & Touchpad.

It is worth your while to open and read through the basic, self explanatory, features. This will save you a lot of time posting in the forum and waiting for replies. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just make sure to stop your cursor at the edge of your canvas, not beyond (on some panel area). Only then the automatic panning work.

Hi fred
OK pan is working in Linux. Windows (my eval platform) not. I will investigate.

I use Win10 and it’s working, however it is very sensitive on cursor location.

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