Auto fill Symbol Fields from Digi-Key Part Number

I asked a similar question a while back, but wanted to see if things have changed since then or if there are any updates.

When I’m making a schematic, for every symbol I place in my schematic I then go in and add certain fields to it. For every part I add at a minimum - Value, Description, Digi-Key Part Number, Manufacturer, Manufacturer Part Number, and Package.

Every one of these is available from Digi-Key’s website (and 95% of my parts are on Digi-Key), so what I want is to just have to add the Digi-Key part number and have all these other fields automatically be created and populated with the correct value. The fastest way I’ve found is to open up the symbol fields spreadsheet editor on one desktop and Digi-Key on the other and copy-paste the values over. Digi-Key even has a nice copy button beside each value, but automating this would still save me hours of work on boards with 100s of parts.

Is there anything out there to do this? If not, I really want to start building this tool. Any helpful advice on where to start. I’m planning on doing it in Python, but I’ve never made a KiCad plugin before.



My purpose of doing this isn’t so much for the BOM generation, it’s just really nice to have each part contain this info while laying out the schematic. These fields taken together help me quickly spot errors (e.g.) like when I accidentally placed some 0201 resistors instead of 0603 or when I’m using precision resistors where a 5% would suffice :slight_smile:

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