Auto deselect component after copy, like move

With version 6.0.1 when copying and placing a single component in Schematic, the component remains selected after placing. If I don’t deselect by hitting Esc, or an empty mouse click, the next operation move, delete, edit, is applied to the selected object not the object under the cursor. This seems petty, but is there a way to have the copy command work like the move command and deselect after placement?

I haven’t tested, but could the idea be that you can place several instances by consecutive pastes?

from your description it seems you basically want the v5 (and earlier) behavior of the “C” key (Clone function)

you just mouse-overed a symbol, press C and now you have grabbed a copy of that symbol, you can abort by pressing Esc, or click to put it on the schematic and finish the “cloning” operation… in both cases you are left without anything selected, thus you can quickly clone a bunch of things by just pressing C, click, C, click, C, click, …
if on the other hand you had pre-selected the symbol and pressed C - i think after you place the copy of the symbol - it is left selected (not 100% sure on this)

i want that behavior back too, but unfortunately it was removed in v6… or maybe it’s missing because of the Eeschema “legacy” tool framework being replaced with the brand new one, and the new way to clone things was just written a different way

IMO kicad should get back the Clone function as it was in v5, because it was very quick

if i want to paste several copies of something, then i could use v6’s “copy” function and paste, paste, paste, paste, …

You get it, thank you. I use kicad daily for schematic and P&ID work. I have made mistakes because of this, such as changing the text or values of the previous selection. It has slowed the schematic process. We need the option to deselect on copy or at least be consistent between move and copy.

v6 has duplicate (default hotkey ctrl+D) that behaves the same as v5’s C command, or at least how I remember it working. There might be subtle differences.

I’ve never had to use the undo command as much as I have since migrating to 6.x.

There should be a way to turn off ‘last object remains selected after operation’.

This doesn’t happen in 6.0.7 with ctrl+D.
After placing, the symbol, although still highlighted, will un?highlight (de?highlight, lowlight?) as soon as any other function is used. It is not selected.
Footprints do not even remain highlighted.

Although neither the footprint nor the symbol remains selected, it is inconsistent behavior where the symbol remains highlighted but the footprint does not.
This behavior is the same in 6.99.