Audio jack schematic

Hello! I am going to build a circuit utilizing a 3.5mm stereo audio jack. However, the jack i am going to use has 5 pins instead of the 3 i was expecting. Could someone please help me explain how it is connected somehow? I am a bit unsure. I am reading it as there are 3 pins that should be connected to ground. 1, 4 and 5. And 2 and 3 are the signals. Is this correct?

This is the audio connector:

Pins 3,5 and 4,2 form switches. Inserting the plug disconnects the pin with the arrow on it. Therefore you could have speakers connected until the headphone plug is inserted which would disconnect the speakers and connect only the headphones. If you don’t need the switches then use only pins 3 and 2. Pin 1 connects to common (ie. ground).


2 and 3 are signals and 1 is ground

5 and 4 are normaly used to feed the signal to other circuits in the absence of headphone.


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All of the answers so far have assumed that you plan to use this audio jack as an output, more specifically for headphones. But after reading your question again it’s possible you want to use it as an input, in which case yes, you would connect pins 1,4 and 5 to ground using pins 2 and 3 as your input signals. This way when your input plug is removed the inputs are connected to ground preventing them from picking up noise.

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Yes, this is yet another possibility. Insert jacks can be used in multiple ways, as simply an output from the preamp, or as a line-level input to the mixer channel, or, as you mention, to insert an effects processor. Making it possible to connect one preamp output to multiple mixer channels with one channel unprocessed and one or more processed channels, allowing for quick fading between processed and unprocessed channels.

I suspect though, that if the OP had this in mind he/she would have referred to the jack as a TRS jack rather than a “stereo audio” jack. But without further information I guess we’ll never know.

So permanently soldering the holes 3,5 and 2,4 on the pcb without using the audio jack of course ) would result in solely using the speaker right ? Because I’m having this issue with the aux and 3.5mm audio jack on my amp and I took them both out , tho I already ordered another 2 , 5 pins audio jacks to solder them on . I genuinely wanted to ask if I can just solder the correlated holes I.e 5,3 and 4,2 without putting any additional pieces hence I won’t be using them .