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I am very new to KiCad so hopefully this isn’t a stupid question. If I was to build an audio amplifier schematic with 2 audio jacks (with 5 pins), one as an input and the other as an output. How would the pins be arranged?

The jack -
The circuit -
For an input would 1,4 and 5 be grounded? Would the output be configured differently.

I would appreciate any help. Thank you!

Ground 1. I saw the word Stereo in the footprint.
That means 2 channels, Left and Right. And it means sound. Each channel needs a signal wire and a ground wire to connect the transmitter to the receiver. That is two wires per channel.

So the stereo adapter has two signals on 2/3 and 5/4. If you have 4-conductor wire, then Left and Right channels correspond to 2/3 and to 5/4 (two channels with two wires each). Or the two channels could share a common ground, in which case you only need 3-conductor wire.

That would be my first thought. Verify which is correct before continuing. And don’t forget the third alternative, which is I could be wrong.

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And more: (wasn’t that obvious?)

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That kind of socket is typically used when there is a internal speaker that is cut off when the plug is inserted hence pins 3 and 4. So definitely you do not connect them to ground for the output or you would be shorting the output, they should be NC. For input it doesn’t matter if they are NC or grounded. The latter doesn’t leave the input floating when nothing is plugged into the input, but it’s not a high impedance input so not that sensitive to stray signals.

It might or might not be cheaper to get a socket without the cutoff function since you’re not using it.

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So I would connect pins 2 and 5 to the rest of the circuit for both the input and output. I could use NC’s for 3 and 4 on the input but must use it for the output otherwise i would have no output. And I would ground 1?

3 and 4 can also be NC for output but definitely not grounded because you would short the output when nothing is inserted. Pin 1 is the common ground.

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Ok thank you for the help

And double check which pin is for the left channel and which for the right channel, if you’re building a stereo amplifier. eelik’s links should help you.

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