ATX Right Angle Connector 4 pins (alias 4 pins molex)

Hello to all,

I’m not asking for someone to design a footprint, but I’m asking if someone could steer me in the right direction.

I need a footprint for something like the:
Option one
Option two

I found the TE_MATE-N-LOK_350211-1_1x04_P5.08mm_Vertical in the libraries. Unfortunately this is not what I am looking for.

So I’m looking for a footprint for a horizontal PCB version (Wire-to-Board). Wherever I searched I could not find one. I am happy to make a footprint myself. But can’t imagine it’s not already available. I hope / expect it to be available somewhere.

Who can steer me in the right direction?


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The mating side of this connector may be fairly standard, for some 40+ years, but the PCB footprint for connectors is not standardized at all. There can be 50+ different footprints for connectors that all accept the same 4 pin counterpart. Your variant has some extra strengthening pins that must fit in holes in specific locations.

Then add to that there are many different PCB programs, and each has it’s own libraries and footprints. Sometimes libraries from other EDA programs can be converted. KiCad for example can also use Eagle libraries.

Some of the big resellers have Footprints for the stuff they sell, you may also find them from the manufacturer themselves.

I hate cookie walls, so did not look at your link @ te, but a generic search of your part number:
brings up for example mouser, which has a button for “ECAD” data.

You may also have success with sites like snapeda Such sites have their own database for footprint data, and have converters to convert their own data to many different PCB programs, including KiCad. Some people like that site very much, but I have not used it myself.

My preferred method is to get a datasheet with measurements, and then make the footprint myself in KiCad. After the initial learning curve, a footprint like this can be made in KiCad in about 10 minutes, while it’s not certain you can find a usable footprint for KiCad for this connector in the same time on the Wild West World. And learning to make Footprints in KiCad is not much of a learning curve. The most difficult part is the library management itself, and you have to learn that anyway if you start using external libraries.

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