Attention symbol on schematic

Hi everyone.
How i can add a Caution symbol on schematic. I see that is regular add the " ! " inside a triangle in some points where must be pay attention.
Example 1: " ! " this component must be replaced only by the exact code match.
Example 2: " ! " This track must be have 50 ohms and no more than 2 centimeter.

I find the Hot surface, esd sensitive but no “caution” was found.

If you cannot find a schematic symbol in the library, you can always create your own.

The new graphic functions in 7.0.0-rc make creating this very easy.
You can use these functions in the symbol, schematic, footprint and PCB editors.

Make personal symbols & footprints or use as graphics on the Schema. or PCB.

Thanks to all i will check.

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