Attaching a Footprint to Multiple Items

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I am currently starting my first KiCad project. I am using a resistor symbol in Eschema that does not seem to have any footprint attached to it. Is there a way to bulk-edit a bunch of symbols so that I can attach the footprint later on - or is it something that I should be dealing with immediately in the design process?

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In schematic, see tools>edit symbol fields. (This works in 6.0 and I think also in 5.1X) That will simplify for multiple instances of the same resistor (with same value.) You can use Ctrl-C Ctrl-V to copy paste a common footprint designation between multiple rows. There may be other ways of doing this also…(?)

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For resistors and capacitors, I usually start with assigning a footprint to the first instance I insert in the schematic, and then make copies of them for all the others. This is quicker then opening the “Add Symbol” dialog.

There is also Eeschema / Tools / Assign Footprints. This tools has some extra search and filter functions.

When I’m searching for a footprint, but don’t know exactly what I’m searching for, then I usually start by entering some plausible keywords in the search bar in the Footprint Editor.

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