At Library Editor how to look for some pins that known pin number


I created a component of five units. It has 289 pins . when I placed unit A of this component ,I realised that some Pins had not be created,but i was not sure. Then i go to Library Editor to check those Pins , but Pins were too much. This is my opration now . Put all units of this component on the schment ,and use the find component to search Pins number (Example A5). No result shown this pin had not be created.
I am sorry for that my english is not well. I do my best.


The libs are text based.

With the library editor, load the component and create a new library with this component only.
Then, you can edit the file with a text editor or better, with a spreadsheet.

The pins are in lines like this:
X ~ J19 600 -5250 300 L 50 50 8 1 B
X ~ L6 600 350 300 L 50 50 5 1 O

Where J19 and L6 are pin numbers (3rd column) and the 8 and the 1 the unit (10th column)
The 1 is unit A and the 8 is unit H


There is also a table view for symbol pins. (Somewhere in the top toolbar. I am not currently at a PC with KiCad installed.)

This view can be ordered by pin number or pin name (left click on column header)

I think right click on column header allows to group pins by the value in this column.


thank you for reply. But I find the best way is Rene_Poschl’s reply.


I know the pins tableview,but i don’t know to click on column header . Thank you for reminding me.


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