Assigning net class to multiple connections simultaneously

Hey people,

i got this filter schematic from a larger project with different net classes. I want the interconnects between
the filters to be the 50Ohm geometry and i have a netclass setup for it “CPW_50”. Is there a better way
than to assign each connection seperately like in the screenshot? Something like blankets in altium?

Something like blankets in altium

This feature is currently not supported, but already reported as feature request to gitlab.

Is there a better way than to assign each connection seperately like in the screenshot?

Not better, but different:

  1. work with labels
  • give every net a name (IN/OUT is already named, for the other apply a local label).
  • then use schematic setup–>netclasses to assign the desired netclass to these nets
  1. tune the netclass directive label to reduce the visual clutter on the schematic:
  • place the first netclass directive label, choose correct netclass
  • set Formatting–>pin length == 0,001 (very short)
  • set visible (Show) parameter for the netclass string to “don’t show”
  • now only the netclass symbol (circle/diamond/dot/rectangle) remains
  • now copy/paste this “master” netclass directive label onto any net

In my PCBs I use (except default) only one class (high voltage). All nets belonging to that class I label as H1, H2, H3,… Then inserting them into class can be done in one move by something like H*. I’ve done it year or more ago so not sure of details.

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Thanks for the response!

But if i need to place a local label on every interconnect it gets even more cluttered! And i have to name them all aswell, eg C1302_IN, C1302_OUT and so on. On a schematic with many junctions, that would take forever!

So i guess option 2 is the only possible improvement :frowning:

Why can’t you name them with short names like A1, A2, A3, A4,… ?
I have never tried to change my H1, H2,… to smaller characters but I think it is possible.

Was looking for a way to avoid having to connect a label of any kind to every net cause it just takes alot of work, but i’ll have to wait for the blankets then i guess.
Thank you guys anyway!

For quick reference, the feature request is here: Specificy netclass / group / room by area in schematic (#4613) · Issues · KiCad / KiCad Source Code / kicad · GitLab
consider giving it a “thumbs up” to show support.