Assigning names for Layers in GerbView

I am trying to import .art Gerber files (RS-274X format) generated by Cadence into KiCad. I have done the import but I cannot assign custom names and colors in GerbView and save it for future use? Every time I close and open GerbView I have to repeat the entire process again. Using KiCad v4.0.7. Please help.

Colours: Gerbview keeps the changes of the layers. Load the files in the same order so layer1, layer2, etc. load always the same layers.

Names: I cannot test it with cadence files.
Version 4.0.7: With Kicad files layers are called layer1 description, layer2 description, etc.
Version nightly v5.0.0-rc2-dev: layer names are called after their file name.

So, with version 5 it is possible to do what you need at least if the files are called thenameyouwant.gbr. Extension gbr is valid for any file no matter the layer it contains.

I tried to load all the files together. How can you guarantee loading order when one selects multiple files ? You are saying it will remember assigned colours ? But I am not saving anything,

No way to edit layer names in 4.0.7 ?

I can’t. I select the files ordered in the same way: ordered by name in the file manager.

Not assigned to my files, Gerview remembers the colour assigned to layer1, layer2, etc.
If layer1 is red, it will be red for any file loaded in first place.

So far I have not found a way to do it.

GerbView does not have a way to rename layers (in 4.0.7 or 5.0). Feel free to open a feature request on launchpad for this if you think it’s valuable. As Pedro says, in 5.0 it will use the filename as the layer name (and will include the Gerber X2 layer information if it exists)

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