Assigning KicadStepUp STEP Models to Lattice2 Placements


Is it possible to use the Lattice2 workbench in FreeCad (0.20) to arrange/position KicadStepUp STEP models, and push them back to Kicad (6.99 nightly)? I don’t know if these two workbenches can support eachother.

In FreeCad, I’m trying to position 300 LEDs from an imported Kicad pcb/layout around an ellipse/circle, in the order they are drawn in the schematic. For example, starting at a fixed xy position/origin on an ellipse, align D1-D300 in equal, ordered sequence along the ellipse. I’m hoping to be able to turn the LEDs on one at a time.

I’ve created a Lattice2 PolarArray of 300 placements around an ellipse, but I haven’t found a way to use Lattice2 (or to create a script - I’m new to Python) to assign the 300 KicadStepUp STEP models to each of these Lattice2 placements, in sequential order, so that I can use KicadStepUp to push the LED positions back to the Kicad board. It seems like it should be possible, but I’m wondering if anyone might be able to offer suggestions. The Kicad STEP models are not arranged in sequence (i.e. D1-D300) in the FreeCad model tree.

This 2019 link attempted something similar using the Kicad scripting language.

Thanks very much.


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