Assigning footprint in eeschema place component?

In eeschema->place component there is the opportunity to assign a footprint to the placed component. Where is the list of available footprints derived? I don’t find anyplace in eeschema to add footprint paths, so what am I missing?

Good point!

Footprint libraries must be loaded to the project.

You can add the footprint libraries to your project from either pcbnew (layout editor) or cvpcb (to assign footprints to components).

Cvpcb can be launched from the top toolbar, I can’t remember now the position of the icon.

I can not remember if it was the case in the stable, but in the nightlies, the Footprint Libraries Manager can also be found in the Footprint Editor under Preferences. The FootPrint Editor also having an icon on the menu bar in Eeschema.

Thanks for the quick replies but my question remains. My desire is to assign footprint during Place Component dialog, but their are only a limited numer available, at least on my installation. How do I expand the list of footprints available to the Place Components Dialog?

By using:

That can be accessed from several different main menu locations; mostly under “Preferences”.

What version of Kicad are you using?