Assign NET to graphical imported shape KiCad 6.0

Hi everyone,

I have to create a board that includes mixed signals with some RF tracks and also power/logic on a 4 layers board.

First I started to create a schematic with all my circuits on it. Then I jump to the layout windows.
For now, the RF layout part is designed and I managed to import it in Kicad easily via the option “graphical import”. By clicking on ungroup, all the polygons forming my graphical import can be individually selected.

So now in the layout windows of Kicad, I have my components from the schematic and also my RF graphical polygons previously imported.

What I want to do is to route my components on blank space of my imported shapes and also assign nets and put some vias on some polygons. For now, I have no idea how to perform that. From what I imported, I tried to place some via on the polygon but I get a violation error (even if all the options are disabled in the CI option > conception rules)

For example, I would like to be able to place vias on the imported shapes and assign nets.

In previous KiCad versions, I was familiar with the useful plugin called “Wirelt” developed by Dave Vandenbout ( but it no longer works with the V6.0 version.

Is there anyone who can help me with this problem ?


You can’t attach a net to graphic shapes which are directly on the board. You have to create footprint(s) with custom pads. You can import graphics in the footprint editor.

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