Assign independently for each vcc entry

When I assign all vcc inputs of the circuit elements as vcc on the schematic page, it causes confusion in the pcb.all vcc inputs see the same vcc.
Can I make custom assignments for vcc as well?
So I don’t want it to see all vcc entries in the same category.
I hope it’s understood.
Thanks for your help.

If you assigned the VCC symbol to all your power connections, they will be all connected, they are all VCC, but you can use the exact voltage symbols (5V, 3.3V, etc.) or other generic ones (VDD, VEE, etc).

You can of course make your own power symbols, the easiest way being modifying an existing symbol and saving in your personal library.


As der.ule already said. If you want to use different power nets, you have to use different power symbols for those nets.

It is pretty trivial to copy a power symbol and modify it, but there are some issues you have to be aware of. The biggest gotcha is that the net name is derived from the name of the pin (which is normally invisible) and not from the name of the symbol (the big text you normally see).

For more details:

Alternatively, you can use labels instead of power symbols.
In essence a Power symbol is mostly just a pin that assigns a global label to the wire that gets attached.

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