Assign footprints is crazy slow

I now have KiCad v5. I have three components in my schematic that I want to see how they look on the PCB>. In Eeschema, I annotate, build net and debug. I then click to assign PCB footprints. I get the new screen and nothing. I cannot seem to associate libraries. I restarted my PC Please help, what am I doing wrong?

Are you using the Github plugin for footprint libraries? What about the Footprint Association dialog - does anything show up there? Do you see the list of components or the toolbar icons? Are you able to perform any actions there?

They are associated with github.
In Preferences/Manage Footprint Libraries, everything is checked.

In footprint association files, the big box is blank.
At the bottom, there is 1 and 2
1 KIPRJMOD F:\PrinterCircuit\PrinterCircuitV2
this is where the file is stored.
2 KISYSMOD F:\KiCad\share\kicad\modules
it is not in the “F” drive

It started working after lunch…

Are you still using the github plugin footprint libs?
If you do that then you need to downgrade your symbol and 3d libs as the ones that come with version 5 are incompatible with the version 4 footprint libs. (only version 4 footprint libs are available via the github plugin)
Even if you want to continue using the v4 libs, it does not make any sense to use on demand online libs as they are no longer changing (There is no benefit at all compared to a local installation. But the drawback that in every session you will need to download the libs again as kicad does not cache them between sessions if you use that plugin.)

Or you upgrade the footprint libs to use the local version 5 footprints (The files should already come with your version 5 installation but the fp-lib-table might need updating)

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I had this problem too. Each click was make the app freeze for 2-3 seconds. I upgraded from version 4.

So what I did was completely remove Kicad and any shared files. Then reinstall version 5, let it setup the libraries/sources etc automatically and then the problem was gone.

What exactly did you delete. I just reinstalled version 5 and I think the libraries are still version 4 (I say think because I don’t really know how to tell). Where is the documentation? Everything still says “future version 5”. Isn’t the future now?

I like the idea of cloning the github repo, but I don’t know how to configure that after cloning… do I just setup each library one by one? Seems probably wrong?

I am using a Mac and I removed all the apps (there’s about 4-6 I think). Then removed anything kicad related in ~/Library. You can find kicad related directories like this:

find ~/ -iname "*kicad*"

Hope that helps. If you are using Windows then I can’t really help.

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