Assign Footprints 'Apply, Save Schematic & Continue' What does it do?

My curiosity nothing more:

In V4 I had to Generate a Netlist > Assign Footprints > Save > Close > Generate Netlist again before I could read the netlist in PCBnew without errors.

In V5 it has the button for ‘Apply, Save Schematic & Continue’ but it doesn’t seem to do anything, if I just use it I get errors on reading the net list in PCBnew so I still have to use the V4 method.

Has this button actually implemented?

Might be a good idea to tell us which errors you get.

As i do not have the exact error all i can give you is the link to these FAQ articles that might be relevant:

I’ve done it now, but when reading the netlist in PCBnew you just get the errors of missing footprints. In other words a final netlist has not been generated after assigning footprints.

This is what I assume this new button ‘ Apply, Save Schematic & Continue ’ in V5 is for but it doesn’t seem to do anything.

I still have to go to eeschema and generate a final netlist to import into PCBnew.

No issue, just curios.

That button does exactly what it says. It applies the changes (assigned footprints you changed in the dialog) to the schematic, saves the schematic file so that the changes are saved permanently and lets you continue with the dialog.

The reason for this is that you don’t have to use netlist in v5. You can use Tools->Update PCB etc. It bypasses netlist generation phase. The button text is complicated because it was difficult for the developers to come up with a solution which would be simple and safe for the users. Without the “save” action of the button the schematic file could have been too easily left unsaved.


No. This just means that you have assigned footprints that are not in any lib currently available to kicad. If you started your project with version 4 or if you copied part of your schematic from a version 4 project then you might have version 4 footprints assigned. So check every reported missing footprint and make sure that you assign an equivalent from your current libraries.

Sorry Rene but I have no idea what planet your calling from. There is no problem, you totally misinterpreted the topic.
It’s fine, eelik answered it.

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