Assign Footprint

New to Kicad, and trying to get to grips with assigning footprints to symbols.
If I right-click the symbol in EEschema and complete the “footprint” field, everything is OK.
If I select Tools->Assign Footprints, and select the footprint, I can’t seem to make anything happen.
Update PCB continues to give the “Cannot add U1 (no footprint assigned)” - I think I am missing some part of the process. Any clues?

BY the way: When I received the link to activate my account, my browser warns me:
“The link you just clicked seems to lead to another site than what the link text indicated. This is sometimes used for tracking whether you clicked the link, but it could also be a scam.
The link text indicated that the link would lead to, but it leads to”

Should it do that?

@ChrisGammell may know more about the activation.

First, see the filters and make sure that all footprints aren’t filtered out.

Select the symbol’s row in the middle column.

Select the library from the left column.

Then double click on a footprint in the right column.

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Well, that was silly. . .
SINGLE click the symbol, SINGLE click the library, then DOUBLE click the footprint.
That’s all I was missing.
Three SINGLE clicks doesn’t do it!