Assign common attributes to multiple symbols

I foolishly laid down a grid of identical components before assigning the common info (value, footprint, datasheet). I don’t relish the idea of editing each component individually. Is there a way to bulk assign those attributes to all the components? Or what would you suggest?

There are (at least) two options.

The most logical is to use: Schematic Editor / Tools / Edit Symbol Fields. You can first copy a field, then select multiple other fields and copy the info into all of them.

the other way is a bit complicated:

  1. Put the symbol in a project specific library.
  2. Use: Symbol Editor / Tools / Edit Symbol Library Links to make all symbols use your new library.
  3. Change the symbol in your new library.
  4. **Symbol Editor / Tools / Update Symbols from Library.

With the last step you can set all of the symbols to the defaults you have set in the library.

Thank you – that did the trick!

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