Assign a footprint to power and ground symbols

Hi, I’m a newbie in the kicad community, so I’m sorry for this stupid problem,
I have assigned a footprint(pin header) to power and ground symbols, but when I run the footprint assignment tool, to make the pcb, I don’t see power and ground symbols.

Power symbols are net labels.
The footprint is assigned only to the pin header.

Edit: you must add a connector symbol for the pin header. I had understood you had already a symbol for the connector.

So, should i use two pin headers, for power and ground, near the connector symbols?

In a basic design, just a 2 pin connector. Then, one pin is connected to the power net and the other one to gnd.

And do not assign any footprint for the power or gnd symbols (in fact, it should be forbidden).

Are you new to Kicad or new to electric desing too?

I’m new to Kicad end electric design.
I’m a software programmer, and I’m working on a project where I need a PCB with mcp3008 ac/dc converter.

By the way, thank you very much

Then, take a look at some of the examples. It will help you to understand a circuit.

If your schematic would be bigger you would understand the source of your misunderstanding.
If you have 20 ICs at schematic and power supply pins of all of them are connected to VCC power symbols then it is clear that you don’t need 20 pin headers to connect supply to your PCB. Power symbols only tells what is connected to power net and they have no footprint.

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