Assertion failed at ./kicad/eeschema/sch_symbol.cpp:2413 in IsPower: "m_part"

I’m getting this assertion using 7.99. What is this?

Here is the schematic I used:

fail-erc.kicad_sch (1.7 KB)
logic.kicad_sch (18.0 KB)
power.kicad_sch (9.4 KB)

BTW: if the sub-sheets (logic and power) are missing 7.99 crashes.

I’m getting the same with every RVxx on the schematic… Wonder why?

You are using the nightly builds which are in a state of flux and explosions.

The asserts are suppressed as of yesterday

Yes, they are no longer there.

Of course new discrepancies introduced.

I agree that development nightlies can be, reasonably, unstable. My worries are about 7.0, which isn’t yet stable. Too much backported patches, which isn’t bad, but the lack of test is the problem. I think this is being addressed, but is worrisome.

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