Article in Microsoft News/CNET about new CERN collider

So did CERN finish building the new 100 km Collider on Friday June 19? :slight_smile:


Seriously I think this work is cool as heck…

Well, the news says it was built on June 19, right? Quite a contract for one day.

EDIT: it’s only a preliminary plan which may or may not realize within 30 years.

Not serious: Oooh. I thought maybe 30 minutes.

Still not serious: They approved plans to build it on Friday; but no indication that they actually did so. :slight_smile:

I compare this in my mind to USA going back to the moon. The Super Collider effort seems like pure science. On the other hand I am unsure about the scientific value of landing astronauts on the moon. I suspect that the particle accelerator may be a more worthy effort.

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