Array of pads with the same number?

The array of vias in exposed pad is made of pads.
I don’t see in Create Array dialog box how to get all pads with the same number.

How many pads with the same number do you need?

What I do is duplicating the first pad, then duplicating the block of 2 pads, then duplicating the block of 4 pads…

Thanks. In meedtime I have done it by duplication. I needed array 5x5 pads.
I was doing it each time with one pad (thanks to user defined grid it was easy.
I am redefining QFN64 with 7.65x7.65 from 0,2mm via to 0,3mm just to not work at technology border.

I have used for thermal pads the pad number 0. I hope in KiCad I can also use 0 here. Will see.
I have noticed that in KiCad QFN footprint with vias there is also defined a pad at bottom layer.
Now I don’t know - to have it or not to have it.
I suppose that:

  • if I have it then probably GND at bottom would like to connect to it with thermal connection what I wouldn’t like, and probably would have to change the right setting each time… I just noticed that I can set it here in footprint for that pad. But in KiCad footprint it is not set. Why…
  • if I don’t have it then I thing GND at bottom will connect directly to my vias… I just got they are not vias but pads - I will probably got the thermal connection to each of it - so adding this one big pad is logical.
    I hope after I will have my first serious PCB everything will be clear for me.

I use number 0 for thermal pads. It works.

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