Are there libraries available for popular PCBs like Arduino or ESP32?

Many of my designs use prebuilt circuit boards like Arduino or ESP32 and a Sparkfun dual TB6612FNG motor driver. I’d like to use the existing footprints for those boards if someone has already put the work in. I’m just looking a footprint with names and locations of pins. I don’t want a fully populated board with all of its components and its own traces on it.

Is there a popular location for footprints of prebuilt boards or are they just randomly posted across the internet? If I need to build some myself, I’d like to know where to upload them where others could find them.

I’ve tried searching, but there are too many hits related to creating a footprint for a breakout board as opposed to being able to download an existing one.

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The standard library Module includes Arduino_R2 and R3.
The standard library RF_Module includes some ESP32 footprints.

Even if they aren’t exactly what you are looking for they should provide a starting point

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KiCad also has quite good search functions for it’s libraries.

I tend to use the search function in the Footprint Editor to find footprints.
For example, typig in “esp32” finds three variants in the RF_Module library that thebigg mentioned.

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There are quite a few templates available . Just start a new project “New from template” - variety of shield/cape/wing layouts to chose from.


Thanks Lutz_Muller for this! The SnapEDA looks like a handy site.

My projects would typically use this footprint (a breakout board with headers on it). Is it common to include footprints like this with the chips or typically just the actual chip?


Thanks for the replies. The Module and RF_Module look promising. I see a couple of Arduinos in there. The create from template also looks promising. I see lots of Arduinos in there.

However, if I create from template using the Arduino Pro Mini, is there a way to add two more devices that are also represented as templates?

There seem to be more versions of templates, but if you want multiple components it looks like you need a module. Is this the right way to think about it or when do you use templates vs. modules?

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I you intend to make a PCB that is like an Arduino shield I can recommend these. I used this ones before and they worked great.

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