Are there any bornier connectors?

Hi. I have been searching bornier connectors in KiCad libraries. Are there any or I must do it by myself?

If i search for bornier connector on google i get either something similar to phoenix mstb and mc (both in the official lib) and terminal blocks (we have a lot of such parts in the lib)

Could you post a link to a datasheet for what exactly you have in mind?

For connectors the official lib is build around generic symbols found in the conn lib for kicad 4.0.x or Connector* libs in the version 5 lib.
You then look for the footprint for your part and connect that to this symbol. (All connector footprints are in libs starting with Connector or TerminalBlock)

According to google translate, “bornier” means “terminal”. It’s not a term I’ve ever heard used in English. Anyway, “terminal connector” doesn’t narrow it down much.

I mean something like that

I ask for a datasheet and you post an image without dimensioning information. Well you are on your own then.
If something like that is in the lib the footprint lib starts with TerminalBlock as i already stated above.

If you can not find it you might find this FAQ post helpful for creating your own footprint: Tutorial: How to make a footprint in KiCad 5.1.x (From scratch)?

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